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Prosthetic System

Committed to a quality approach, AMPLITUDE is an internationally renowned specialist in orthopaedics. AMPLITUDE controls and inspects all the manufacturing stages of its prostheses and its ancillaries.


Königsee Implantate is one of the leading German medical technology companies in the Trauma market.
The central product group includes the patented plate systems with angle-stable and variable angle-stable locking.


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About Us

  • Ortobiodue holds the exclusivity of ‘AMPLITUDE’ and ‘KONIGSEE’ products
  • ORTOBIODUE participates to tenders and distributes products through commercial agents as well as qualified distributors.
  • ORTOBIODUE is active in national and regional congresses.
  • ORTOBIODUE organises practical trainings for othopedical surgeons and technicians.
  • ORTOBIODUE sponsors frequent missions at the site of specialised operators in Italy and abroad.


  • Koeenig See

  • Amplitude Ortho

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